"I paint the way I cook and the way I garden. Inspiration is an appetite. The painting process is physical- involving all my senses. Through flavors, colors and textures, what I hope to convey is the feeling of being there: space, light, movement, the power of nature, transient beauty that is often bittersweet."

About the Artist:

Rokhaya Waring enjoys the challenges of plein-air painting and the studio, both of which require a fine balance: how does one simplify without being simplistic, put down a moment in time that is timeless, retain a light but deliberate touch? Though Waring is often described as an Impressionist, she prefers to use the words Lyrical Expressionist, or Essentialist - in the sense that her focus is to express the essence of time and place, through her emotions, rather than simply record an impression. She compares her paintings to poetry and music, with melodies, harmonies, and rhythm, and where time, movement, and emotion are an integral part of the work.

Waring was born in 1966 in Santa Fe, NM.  French by her mother and American by her father, her dual-nationality and bilingualism have had a profound influence on her work, as has her homeschooling.  In 1972, Waring's parents settled in Rockport, MA and founded La Petite Ecole out of their own home, now The Waring School.  Her most lasting memories are of days at this school, the outdoors and the hand-made; camping across America, printing on an antique letterpress, milking goats, and baking bread... and above all, sketching daily.  The habit of visually recording her experiences and the natural world has not only helped keep memories alive, but has become the foundation of her artistic technique and vision.

After graduating from Princeton with a BA in Art History/Visual Arts, Waring spent her first summer painting in the Provencal village of Forcalquier.  Her principal home for most of the next twenty years, this cultivated yet rugged landscape perfectly suited her artistic vision, providing inexhaustible inspiration.  She has also spent time painting in Paris, Israel, Tahiti, and various parts of the U.S.  In 2008 Waring moved to Gloucester, MA.

Waring has exhibited in dozens of solo, invitational, and juried shows in the U.S. and France.  She is a member of Oil Painters of America, a member of The Copley Society (1995-2008), and has shown at the Salon Des Artistes Français, the Salon d'Automne, and the Currier Museum of Art.  Her commissioned oil paintings are featured on Tru Fragrance & Beauty’s line of products.  Waring is featured in the book "100 Artists of New England" (Schiffer 2011) and in "The American Flag in Contemporary Art", (Schiffer, 2015).  Notable collectors include Carl Crossman, art dealer and appraiser for Antiques Roadshow, U.S. CTO (2009-14) Todd Park, Andre Agassi, and Brooke Shields.